January and Resolutions

January and Resolutions

January 14, 2019

We're almost halfway through January, and I'm thinking about resolutions.  I'm not one to make resolutions myself, although this year I'm trying the practice of coming up with a word to guide my year with.  My word for the year is "warmth".  I'm a very direct and logical person and I think because of that my warmth towards people gets shoved to the back.  I'm feeling the need to let that shine through in all I do. How about you?  Do you make resolutions? And how are you doing with them?

Regardless of the timing on the calendar, I think we can all use a reminder for a little more self-care after the busy holiday season.  Wholesome, nourishing food is top of mind this month for me.  Bring on the soups, bone broths, sweet potatoes and baked oven meals.  You won't catch me eating a rice cake.  Eating warm, whole foods is what nature intends this time of year.  That's why potatoes and squash grow in the fall, and greens and peas grow in the spring.

How about taking some time for yourself.  Did you get some bath or spa products for the holidays?  They do tend to be popular gifts.  Why not take a cold winters night and spend it soaking in a luxurious warm bath with a good book and a beverage of choice?  I'll bet you could use the quiet time.  If you didn't receive any of those gifts and you're looking for some ideas, we carry bath salts from Things That Work in Pittsfield, and Klø Organic small batch quality facial cleansers and serums.  Either would be a great addition to your self care routine.  And don't forget a Shire Fire Candle to set the mood.

Another hot topic this time of year is exercise.  Lots of folks like to head to the gym, and other folks like to head outside and do free range exercise.  I define free range exercise as something you would do in the wild as a human.  Hiking, walking, snowshoeing, running, paddling, that sort of thing.  I'm a fan of the free range exercise myself and look for opportunities to get out when I can, even in cold weather.  The Berkshires of course is known for skiing, but we also have fun sledding, snowshoeing and ice skating.  

The Clark in Williamstown, MA just started "Project Snowshoe". Their campus is the perfect setting for snowshoeing.  If you don't have shoes, don't worry.  They have snow shoes on site that you can borrower.  What a great idea!

Blantyre in Lenox, MA just opened up their skating rink to the general public, or they can share a recommendation for one of several other local spots here in the Berkshires.

The winter months are still beautiful here in the Berkshires, and we have plenty to do both indoors and out.  For best results, combine a bunch of these things into a perfect winter day.  Start with some outdoor activity to get some fresh air and exercise, come home to a nourishing meal of soup or stew that's been simmering in a crock pot, and then top of the day with a soak in the tub.  Ahhh....