Team at BlueQ

BlueQ has been designing and manufacturing quirky, laughter inducing products since 1988.  Owned by brothers Seth and Mitch Nash, they are located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in a restored building that's been in their family for years.  They employ about 60 people, including individuals with disabilities who were hired through BlueQ's partnership with BCArc.

Not only are their totes made of 95% recycled materials, BlueQ also gives 1% of those profits to the Nature Conservancy.  Similar profit sharing is in place with 1% of sock proceeds going to Doctors without Borders and 1% of oven mitt proceeds going for hunger relief.

And if that's not enough to make you feel like you're doing business with the good guys you should know that in 2012 they installed a solar field at their distribution center that powers about 75% of that building's needs.  Even better, the solar field is kept trimmed, not by lawnmowers, but by sheep.  Yep, sheep.

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