Burnt Barn Studio

The art from Burnt Barn Studio is food for the eyes.  Often featuring vibrant hues and striking images, pieces range from functional to decorative and are created in Hudson Valley New York by mother and daughter team, Betsy Gorman and Anita Bernardi.  Their stationery features eye-catching, vintage photographs with lively illustrations and ponderous thoughts.   

Their medium of choice is architectural elements, vintage photographs and caches of all things lovingly worn by time and use. They are proud to partner with area carpenters and historians who share their passion for infusing new life into the lasting vestiges of a bygone era.  Together they are caretakers of the past.  

The shop name takes inspiration from a 17th century Japanese poet and samurai.  After watching his barn burn to the ground Mizuta Masahide wrote the haiku, "Barn's burnt down, now I can see the moon."  It reminds us all that with every challenge, every transition or setback there are opportunities and glimmers of divine grace.  And, within every discarded or abandoned door, photo or fragment of crown molding lies a storied canvass, itself a symbol of strength, resilience and optimism. The gals from Burnt Barn Studio just love the synchronicity in that.

To see what we have in stock from these ladies, take a look here.