Dr. Schnuffie's Wellness Formulas

Dr. Schnuffie's was created in Great Barrington, Mass. by Dr. Alan Inglis, MD after watching hundreds of his patients struggle to find a simple, natural way to get healthy and stay healthy in his renowned New England practice. Dr. Inglis set out to create a proven, effective immune-boosting blend that eliminates the need to take a handful of pills in the morning. Dr. Inglis is board certified in Internal Medicine, and has done extensive post-graduate training in integrative, functional, and nutritional medicine. He holds degrees from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Amherst College, and Cambridge University (UK). Dr. Inglis is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFM). 

Dr. Inglis’ business partner and long-time patient, Andrew Blechman, is an award-winning journalist trained at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and the author of two nationally acclaimed books. Fascinated by Dr. Inglis' approach to immune support, Andrew teamed up with him to create Dr. Schnuffie’s Wellness Formulas. In the past, these recipes were hand written for patients by Dr. Inglis, and required the purchasing of up to a dozen expensive vitamins and botanicals. Andrew suggested that creating a handy, all-in-one, easy to swallow tablet would be far more cost effective and convenient -- and Dr. Schnuffie’s was born!

The product is named for Andrew's daughter. The name was chosen -- against all professional branding advice, mind you -- because it is memorable, fun, and comforting and the folks at Dr. Schnuffie's want you to feel this sense of comfort when trusting them with your health.

Dr. Schnuffie’s Wellness Formulas pledges to provide you with doctor-formulated targeted supplements for good health using:

  • Natural ingredients delivered in ultra high-potency formulations
  • Everything you need (and nothing you don’t)
  • Thoughtful and effective approaches backed by hard science

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