JD Logan Fine Art



From JD:

Since I first began painting, I have always tried to keep my images simple and uncluttered.  Leaving people or animals out of my work creates a sense of stillness and peace.  Because of this people have always found my work to have a calming effect on them, which makes me very happy.  I have been focusing on trees as my main subject matter.  I just find them extremely interesting to observe at different times of the day and of the year.  They constantly change and no two are alike, much like people.  In that way, to me, they have personalities of their own. I actually know very little about trees.  I only know they make interesting subject matter to me with endless artistic possibilities.  I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I do making it.

JD's studio is located in Housatonic, Mass. and his scenes are inspired by the many, many trees here in the Berkshires. To see all the prints we carry, click here.