Klō Organic Beauty

Megan and Nicole

Nicole and Megan are sisters from The Beautiful Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. They routinely get together and experiment with new healthy recipes in the kitchen. There is sometimes music involved. Maybe dancing. Singing is pretty much a guarantee.

 A few years back organic skin care became a passion. Looking at different products and reading about ingredients they discovered that many most available beauty products were made of terrifying chemicals that certainly were not good for skin! Immediately they took to their kitchen lab and started creating products. Not only did they both notice a huge change in their skin, but they developed a strong desire to make a difference in the skin care world.

 The sisters created Klō Organic Beautyin 2014. They wanted affordable products that were not only made of the best ingredients, but contained nothing harmful or artificial, made you beautiful, and smelled amazing. Done!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you!

With love,

Nicole, Megan & The Klō Beauty Team