Mighty No Bitey/Ruff on Bugs

It all started in her kitchen in 2015. Terri See began bottling Mighty No Bitey® after a friend asked her on Facebook if she would make her the powerful concoction.

“All these people I don’t know said ‘can you make it for me?’ ” See said. “And that was the aha moment.”

Until then, the self-described bug magnet had been making the stuff for herself after reading a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) article about how some essential oils are just as effective as DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide).

In 2016, Terri worked with holistic veterinarian Deva Khalsa to develop and launch a pet friendly version called Ruff on Bugs®.  A percentage of the profits from Ruff on Bugs® benefits animal welfare organizations.

Earth-Friendly Formula

Terri's 'first do no harm' philosophy applies not only to your body, but it's also her mission to be eco-friendly and not harm the environment. AT ALL. Their products are made to strongly REPEL insects rather than poison, not to destroy anything, not even bugs. From the purity of ingredients to the packaging, they make caring choices. Even the bottles are recycled / recyclable pet plastic.

Mighty No Bitey® is EPA minimum risk / FIFRA exempt and wonderfully safe, yet powerfully effective in fending off biting and stinging insects.

Terri's products are fully compliant with EPA regulations and are listed on several natural product and cruelty-free registries.

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