Why this site?

Behind each carefully curated product on this site is a local business from the Berkshire Region who puts their heart and soul into the product you are buying.  Businesses who give back.  Women owned businesses.  Folks who got into the business they're in because they care about the environment, quality, the food you eat, or because of a family tradition.

We believe it's important for you to know a little about the folks who make the products we sell, so we've featured their stories here in hopes you'll appreciate knowing where your products are from and who's behind them. Check out the "Meet the Makers" section of the site to read more about the real people and families behind our products.

As for me, this site is a labor of love.  Having grown up in Western Massachusetts and now settled in the Berkshires, I have a great fondness for those artisans, farmers, and businesses that call this place home, like I do.  I know that this region is special and my goal here is to make buying the products and supporting these folks as easy as possible for those both in and out of the Berkshire Region. 

One thing to be aware of is that many of these businesses are tied to the seasons and products may not be available off-season, or the maker may have simply run out or have only one due to the handcrafted nature of many of the items here.

This should make things fun as I will change up the inventory based on availability and seasonality.

Enjoy! ~ Stacy

Makers who are currently in partnership with this site: