Her name is Susan Schneider, and she has been a mad collector of vintage goods in many mediums for the last 20 years, which she transforms into custom lampshades, night lights, unique tissue box covers, delightful matchboxes, and holiday ornaments—in short, all sorts of fanciful things that make you smile.

Susan stumbled into making lampshades, a Shandell’s specialty, 20 + years ago. At that time she had an antique and decorative-arts store that focused on vintage textiles, and found herself on a constant search for decent lampshades to go with her fabulous vintage lighting finds.

A lampshade-crafting customer, Liz Courtney, convinced her to try her own creative luck. She sold Susan her barn full of supplies and took off for her Caribbean winter home. In the beginning, her studio space was just an eight-by-ten bedroom, where she crafted in a frenzy. Susan's earliest lampshades, made from collaged vintage wallpapers, have been featured in Country Home and Victoria.

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