Shire Comforts

Shire Comforts is a small local business owned and operated by Berkshire Native, Mandy Steben. Growing up, Mandy spent many a happy afternoon learning how to sew with her grandmother. She developed a passion for it, but as time went on and she became occupied with college, her first job, traveling, and so on, her time for sewing seemed to disappear.

Now that she’s finally settled back into Berkshire life, this time with a beautiful family of her own, that passion has been rekindled. With a full-time job and a husband and baby at home, Mandy discovered that carving out some time at the end of each day to sit down at her sewing machine creating things for others is a wonderful way to spend her “me time.” 

Shire Comforts products are designed to be those special objects in your home that gives you a little smile each time you see it and use it, knowing that each product is individually handmade with care and love that radiates.